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Transmission Flush

Your Transmission operates under high amounts of stress and heat. The transmission fluid is vital protection because it provides the necessary lubrication for your clutch packs, shafts, drums, and bearings. Vehicle manufacturers usually recommend that you replace your fluid at least once every 25,000-30,000 miles because the chemistry of the fluid breaks down over time. The most common failure of transmissions comes from excessive heat buildup. This may occur from your transmissions fluid breaking down and not being changed as recommended, or driving your car frequently in heavy stop and go in traffic.?

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Differential Services?

Our differential service will protect your car against clutch failure. We remove, inspect, and clean the transmission pan, in addition to replacing both the filter and the gasket.

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Be careful who you allow to touch your transmission. Only trust the experts! Automatic transmissions are a very complex component that not only requires technician expertise but specialized diagnostic equipment and tools to properly diagnose and repair your transmission problem.

We receive calls from owners who were told by their general mechanic that they needed a brand new transmission. Then, later when we examine the vehicle, we find that the car did not need a new transmission at all. Sometimes it only needs a minor repair, such as a cable or electrical connection. It might even be a problem with an external sensor. All of these are minor repairs. The vehicle owner could have easily made the mistake of hearing what sounded like a good quote from their general mechanic, and actually even think that they are getting a great deal, when the entire job was unnecessary to begin with. You can feel confident at A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair that your diagnoses will be accurate. Our certified technicians will identify whether you have an external minor repair or an internal repair. We charge nothing to perform this inspection for you, and it only takes a few moments of your time to complete the diagnostic.

At A-1 Quality Transmission, you will appreciate the expertise and speed that comes from the experience of our master mechanics and certified technicians. You will also enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that their skills and reliability inspire. We take pride in our work and our ability to properly diagnose the needs of your vehicle so that you do not over spend or get charged for something that is not needed. Your wallet will also appreciate the reasonable prices. Our warranties back up what we say and do.
  • FREE: Complete Diagnostic run on your vehicle. YOU GET THE TRUTH..
  • FREE: Local Towing with Major Repairs. (Starting at $600.00) Not Hidden in The Cost..
  • We Specialize In All Makes/Models; Cars, Trucks, Foreign, and Domestic.
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