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Auto Transmission Repair in Richardson

A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair

A number of problems will tell you that your auto transmission is worn out or damaged. This includes;

1) The gears slipping when you are driving or when you want to go back to neutral.
2) Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) that has a burned smell.
3) Noise which may be a hum, thump or clunk in the engine and which is heard even when the car is in neutral.
4) A clutch that is dragging; it stays engaged and makes grinding noises when you try to shift gears.
5) Delay between gear changes or a RPM that is higher than normal for a given gear change or speed.

Most of these problems can be resolved or avoided by changing the ATF frequently or getting it topped up if it low. The manufacturer's recommendations should be followed to determine how this should be done. It is usually between 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Auto transmission repair in Richardson and periodic maintenance including changing and topping up ATF are two of the services offered at A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair.

Just one mechanical failure can shut the engine of a car and completely disable it. It is therefore important that you seek professional auto transmission repair in Richardson. A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair, we offer just that. Bring in your car at the first sign of trouble.

If problems are caught early, then you will only need minor autotransmission repair in Richardson. However, if the transmission fails completely, then it will be necessary to rebuild the transmission. A full transmission replacement is quite involving so it is quite costly.

To be absolutely sure that it is necessary, we will check the computer system of the vehicle. Apart from depleted or worn out ATF, a transmission that is slipping and difficulty in changing gears can be caused by the computer that it is not reading the RPM properly. If this is found to be the case, the sensors can be replaced easily without the transmission being disassembled.

If what you will need is not auto transmission repair in Richardson but an overhaul, we will start with opening the case, inspecting and cleaning every part. Then, the damaged or worn out parts will be replaced. There are parts that are referred to as soft parts. This includes valves, seals, filters, O-rings, clutch components and gaskets. Then there are hard parts- casing, drums, pumps, converters, pumps and shafts. They are so called because they hardly, if ever, break. We will then reassemble the transmission and when we are done, you car will run like new.

Know more about auto transmission repair in Richardson. Contact A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair at (972) 534-2717.
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