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Auto Resurface Flywheel in Richardson

Clutch Maintenance

Flywheel resurfacing has the potential of doing magic for your clutch. It extends the life of your clutch apart from increasing the effectiveness of your clutch. If you are looking for professional auto resurface flywheel in Richardson, call the A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair shop. We consider and treat your car like a family member. Therefore, we focus on doing an excellent and satisfactory job.

The Need for Flywheel Resurfacing

There always comes the moment for resurfacing your cars flywheel. This is usually when you make a replacement of the clutch. As the car runs and the clutch is in operation, a lot of heat is generated due to friction. Much of this heat is absorbed and dissipated by the flywheel. When clutch starts to slip, much more heat is generated. Much heat has got many effects. It is the reason for the formation of hard spots, as well as warpage on the flywheel's surface. Not only that, the extra thermal pressure also causes heat cracks on the surface of the flywheel.

Diagnosis of Problems on the Flywheel

Our auto resurface flywheel in Richardson experts have the requisite experience gained over the years to diagnose and pin point any problems with the flywheel. This done after removal of the old clutch and before the replacement of the new clutch. The inspection should be able to detect any defects. If there are no defects and the flywheel is as flat as it should be, there is no need for you to resurface it.

Resurfacing Techniques

For the best auto resurface flywheel in Richardson, contact us. Having been in the industry for many years, we have gained invaluable experience, always upgrading our technologies to match the market standards. Whether grinding or cutting, we have the latest equipment and expertise to exceed your expectations. Of the two resurfacing techniques, grinding is the most preferred. In this case, a flywheel grinder, which has a stone head, is made to rotate the flywheel. As the flywheel is rotated, it is ground to the required flatness. This done is such a way that there is as little removal of metal as possible. To achieve the expected results, the grinder removes all hard spots, leaving a smooth and homogeneous surface.


Speed is part of teams professional reputation. We understand the need to save you time and resources. So, our dedicated experts handle your job with diligence to finish the job fast. If you needed fast services, now you know where to go.

Know more about auto resurface flywheel in Richardson. Contact A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair at (972) 534-2717.
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