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Auto Clutch Repair in Richardson

Clutch Replacement and Cost

Like every other part of a car, the clutch is designed to last. However, over time, the friction between the engine's clutch plate will cause the plate to get worn. If heavy strain is often put on it such as on heavy vehicles like trucks that are used to ferry heavy loads, then the clutch plate gets worn even faster. The clutch on such a vehicle can get worn after covering just 35,000 miles.

Typically, clutches should cover at least 50,000 before problems develop. New car models have even better expectancy; their clutches should be able to go for 80,000 to 100,000 miles without a problem. The lifespan of a clutch is indicated on the manual and it can also be found online on the manufacturer’s website. These are only recommendations though and you may find that you need auto clutch repair in Richardson unexpectedly. When you do, A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair will take care of it for you.


Clutch repair can be a complicated repair job that is best left to experts. Even an amateur mechanic will find it a challenge. The first step would be to remove the drive shaft then disassemble the transmission to get to the clutch. Most car models would need the engine to be supported with a hoist to do all this. Sound complicated? It is.

The function of the clutch is to link the engine to its transmission. The engine is always running even if the wheels are not turning. Therefore, the clutch has to be able to link and also separate. If you decide to do your own repair rather than seek out professional auto clutch repair in Richardson, you have to put back every part the right way or your clutch will not function as it is supposed to. When the clutch disc is not held in place by the springs as it should, it loses contact with the pedal and it stops spinning. Getting on the road with a faulty clutch can have dire consequences. Choose professional auto clutch repair in Richardson and be sure that you and your passengers will be safe.

Cost of Auto Clutch Repair in Richardson

At A-1 Quality Transmission, the cost of auto clutch repair is very competitive. In most cases, the parts that need to be repaired are the clutch disc, the pressure plate and the throw-out bearing. It is not expensive to replace these parts on regular cars. It costs a bit more for high-performance models. Those with clutches that are operated hydraulically have master and slave cylinders that may need to be replaced. All in all, professional services affordable rates is our motto at A-1 Quality Transmission.

Know more about auto clutch repair in Richardson. Contact A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair at (972) 534-2717.
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