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Auto Air Filter replacement in Richardson

Auto Air Filter Routine Maintenance

Are you one of those drivers who doesn't care to know what goes on under the hood? A professional mechanic will be able to diagnose problems and take care of them but it doesn't hurt to know what is happening in your engine. Auto air filter replacement is one of the simplest auto services. Neglect your air filter though and you could have some major problems. You can get quick auto air filter replacement in Richardson at A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair.

Cars take in air and pass it into the engine via the air filter. Some cars have one filter and others have more. The function of the filter is to remove dust and other debris from the air before it is passed to the engine where it mixes with fuel. The mix of fuel and air is essential for a car to run properly. A clogged or dirty air filter will not supply enough clean air to the engine and this will cause problems; the car may fail to start or the engine will not run smoothly.

A dirty air filter does not keep debris out of the engine. The oil and cylinders may also become contaminated from the dirt in the air because there are no other means to filter the air other than with the air filter. The contamination increases wear and tear on the engine, increases emissions and brings down your gas mileage.

What happens when you a need a replacement?

When you come in for auto air filter replacement in Richardson at A-1 Quality Transmission, standard practice is to replace rather than repair your filter which is very straightforward. However, if you have a reusable air filter in your car rather than a regular one, such as those made by K&N, then it is important to mention this as you book your appointment because the air filter may just need to be cleaned and not replaced.

Our recommendation about auto air filter replacement in Richardson

When you bring in your car to A-1 Quality Transmission with any of the signs of a poorly performing engine, our first check will be your air filter. If it is the cause of the problems, we will proceed to change it or clean it depending on which type you use.

To avoid a situation where you come in for auto air filter replacement in Richardson as a matter of emergency when the car won't start or run properly, we recommend that your filter is checked every time the car is undergoing routine maintenance.

Know more about auto air filter replacement in Richardson. Contact A-1 Quality Transmission & Auto Repair at (972) 534-2717.
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